Remember the team of DOYLE HOLLY, Don Rich Tom Brumley, Willie Cantu - the Buckaroos - back when they won all the awards for Best Band? Remember the "Queen of the Silver Dollar" - "Streets of Laredo"? During the 60's DOYLE played bass, sang his solo numbers, harmonized and generally entertained the crowds of fans who came to see Buck Owens and his Buckaroos, many of them DOYLE HOLLY's own special fans & friends! His "Ugly Finder" and "Vanish" jokes were classics - and EVERY BODY remembers his "Streets of Laredo"

During the 70's and early 80's the "Doyle Holly Show" played many clubs throughout the United States and Canada. The "Doyle Holly Show" also had been an opening act for such artists as Conway Twitty, The Whites, John Schneider, Stella Parton, Gene Watson, Randy Travis.

Thanks to Doyle's wonderful Fan Club (its Presidents and all its members), he was honored with a Block in the Walkway of Stars at the Hall of Fame in Nashville. The dedication ceremony took place during the 1980 Fan Fair. In the late '80's Doyle made a few solo appearances including a month long tour in the Scandinavian countries. Also during that time he opened a music store and actively ran it for several years.

In August of '99 an historical event occurred in Country Music, Buck Owens brought back together his original Buckaroo Band to help him celebrate his 70th Birthday. They picked and grinned at Buck's Crystal Palace in Bakersfield. They sounded great - just like old times - with the exception that the late Don Rich was missed, all had a wonderful reunion.